👋 I’m Ty.

For over 3 years now, I’ve been immersed as a Marketing Director at UiPath, a software automation company. We just went public!

Before UiPath, I helped start and scale Appcues, a SaaS for product-led growth teams, on a GTM strategy fueled by 95% organic inbound content.

And before that, I was the first marketer at Work Market, where I helped the team scale from $250k-$8M in ARR.

I love building audiences—on Twitter, at a conference, for a blog—wherever.

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I enjoy sharing growth wins.

Events I've spoken at:

Podcasts I've appeared on:

Some guest posts I've written:

Favorite Appcues posts I've written:

You can read more content on user onboarding than anywhere else on the planet on the Appcues blog. That's where I've written the most.

Other cool things:

I also enjoy sharing personal wins.

Here's a personal piece I wrote for Thought Catalog on my experience as a young father: The Pros And Cons Of Having A Baby At Age 17 [10 Years Later]

Want to get in touch? ty [dot] magnin [at] gmail [dot] com